• Wind power generation

    Group produces variable-rotor bearings in wind turbines as one of the special bearings for wind turbines. It has good performance and long life, and it minimizes friction and wear during the operation of variable-rotor bearings, ensures the normal operation of wind turbines, and guarantees the power generation efficiency of power plants. In the process of cooperation with customers, with excellent quality and excellent after-sale technical support, customers have received unanimous praise.

  • Aerospace

    Ball bearings and roller bearings for aerospace use must be operated reliably under harsh conditions. Therefore, in aerospace applications, it is a complex process to select bearings that provide the best performance. Need a thorough understanding of bearing design, materials, lubricants, running speed, temperature limit, manufacturing capacity and quality requirements.with superb craftsmanship and reliable quality, to meet the needs of aerospace, in the top aerospace bearing market has a place.

  • metallurgy

    The bearings used for metallurgical equipment are products used under harsh conditions such as high temperature, high speed, ultra-low speed, water or foreign body intrusion in processes such as ironmaking, steelmaking, rough rolling, and fine rolling. corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, long life, and high reliability in all processes of metallurgical and steel plants, supporting the stable operation of metallurgical equipment.

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